Friday, December 2, 2016

100 Days of Productivity Challenge

8 months have passed since I moved to Sydney - doing this Ph.D. thing. A mentor just told me, that my 'resting bitch face' and social anxiety issue has made many people misunderstood me. It's really nothing new. People have told me that since a hundred years ago. Haha.

Lately, I've also been feeling like I haven't done much for my study, and I felt less productive than I have ever felt before. I have a fieldwork plan next year (maybe end of February), and before leaving for Bandung, I have to finish 2 manuscripts based on my literature review. Not an easy feat. I also still have some previous works I need to finish based on previous research I was involved in. I also said yes to a part-time job during Chrismas break. In brief, I have so many things to do before I can immerse myself in the field (that's something I need to worry about later on).

So, what I am going to do here is to post each and every single day since today (2 December) to share what I manage to do during the day. As a motivation for myself really so that when I look back, I know how to be responsible for my own life.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hello There!

purple thing in Centennial Park (a park near where I live)

I'm starting a new journey! After about 2.5 years leaving school, I am finally starting my PhD! What a dream comes true! Hahaha...

Really? Is it really a dream comes true?

Yes, I've been wanting to do a phd as soon as I submitted my master dissertation. And I've been seriously sending application for scholarship for a year: to the most desired one KGSP (to go to Korea!), Monbusho (to go to Japan), and LPDP. The first two is really an obsession of mine. I doubt I will get much - academically speaking, since anthropology is not that well-established in the said countries), but I always wanted to do research and live there. So yeah...

Not really, because I was actually unsure about the choice of university that I finally landed in. I applied to two other universities (Heidelberg Uni - Germany and Uni of Edinburgh) before, and made contacts with a potential research supervisor at ANU (that I know from reading a lot of his works). All of which were rejected. But I attributed that failure to my lack of patience in finding suitable supervisor before I actually made the application. And also to pushing to apply although I knew that my resume did not fit the project description (I applied anyway because my undergrad lecturer talked me through it). 

Not really, because I never really settled in this research topic. People said, "you will never be sure about it until you're actually doing it". But it's a bit different for my case since I'm sort of crossing between one discipline to another; from one topic to another (totally different one). So it's a yes or no situation.

But well, anyway, I am finally here. So, I'm going to blogging again. I changed the lay out and everything to start fresh. I will be posting random stuffs, photos of my cooking, places, as well as all the ranting about my study, me missing my cat (I got a new cat!), and me missing Indonesian food.

Oh and one more thing, who knew I'd be back in the first city outside my home country I ever visited? 

About 6 years ago, I went to spend winter in Sydney - promising myself that I will not go back to this city if I ever had a chance to study abroad. Yet, now I am here. xD

I guess, you never know.

Monday, October 7, 2013


All I want to hear is ...
The sound of DUG
Followed by your miauw
Sometimes it sounds weak or stable
At other times it sounds as if you haven't eaten for weeks

All I want to see is ...
Your figure near my bathroom
Drinking as if there's no tomorrow
With that particular sound
Of the encounter between your tongue and the water

All I want to touch is ...
Your soft fur
When you're sleeping below the towel stand
Or when you hide underneath my bed when there's a lightning or somebody you don't know

All I ever want now is you to go back home
I have prepared your towel so you can shower after your long adventure
I have bought your favorite flavor of wet food - I've stored them in the fridge. And no, I won't mind just whatever amount you're eating so don't worry
I have prepared your water just outside my bathroom so you can drink to your heart content

This house is ready for you so you can sleep wherever you want to
All I want, now, really, is you

where art thou, cing?

Because I've never prepared my heart to losing you