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Koma di Bandung (a note of a recent trip)

Oh well ... Been a while since the last time I wrote something here. It's been 3 months since I left London. Never expected I would one day miss the city this much. Meh.

So, I just got back from a very short trip to Bandung with a good friend of mine - it's 8 or 9 hours by train from where I live. I always wanted to go there since high school. My cousin used to go to ITB. And after high school, I wanted to study at UNPAD. I don't know why I was attracted that much. Perhaps it is because Hilman's novel series: Vanya. Finally, I got the chance to go there. Hahaha.

So, my impression on this city? It reminds me a bit of London because of the small street around the city. They have amazing angkot which stopped everywhere it wanted. We used this as our mode of transportation all the time when we were there. The best thing in this trip was going to Saung Mang Ujo. His kid is very talented. I don't regret spending money there. I also love the food (of course I do), althoug…

Days of Productivity Challenge


I have just finished my second APR - an annual progress review thingy my uni has for each PhD student. It's not a big accomplishment, it just marks the ending of my second year of study. I still have about 1.5 years left until my scholarship ends (which means I also have to finish my degree).

[A mentor just told me, that my 'resting bitch face' and social anxiety issue has made many people misunderstood me. It's really nothing new. People have told me that since a hundred years ago. Haha. And I still have not changed. It's getting worse if anything.]

Lately, I've also been feeling like I haven't done much for my study, and I felt less productive than I have ever felt before. I feel like I have difficulty in reading comprehension. And my academic English deteriorates so much. I still have to go to Bandung to finish up my fieldwork with some sort of consultation meeting.

I have a policy analysis manuscript sitting for a while. I haven't touched it in …

Hello There!

I'm starting a new journey! After about 2.5 years leaving school, I am finally starting my PhD! What a dream comes true! Hahaha...

Really? Is it really a dream comes true?

Yes, I've been wanting to do a phd as soon as I submitted my master dissertation. And I've been seriously sending application for scholarship for a year: to the most desired one KGSP (to go to Korea!), Monbusho (to go to Japan), and LPDP. The first two is really an obsession of mine. I doubt I will get much - academically speaking, since anthropology is not that well-established in the said countries), but I always wanted to do research and live there. So yeah...

Not really, because I was actually unsure about the choice of university that I finally landed in. I applied to two other universities (Heidelberg Uni - Germany and Uni of Edinburgh) before, and made contacts with a potential research supervisor at ANU (that I know from reading a lot of his works). All of which were rejected. But I attributed that…


All I want to hear is ...
The sound of DUG
Followed by your miauw
Sometimes it sounds weak or stable
At other times it sounds as if you haven't eaten for weeks

All I want to see is ...
Your figure near my bathroom
Drinking as if there's no tomorrow
With that particular sound
Of the encounter between your tongue and the water

All I want to touch is ...
Your soft fur
When you're sleeping below the towel stand
Or when you hide underneath my bed when there's a lightning or somebody you don't know

All I ever want now is you to go back home
I have prepared your towel so you can shower after your long adventure
I have bought your favorite flavor of wet food - I've stored them in the fridge. And no, I won't mind just whatever amount you're eating so don't worry
I have prepared your water just outside my bathroom so you can drink to your heart content

This house is ready for you so you can sleep wherever you want to
All I want, now, really, is you

Because I've…

13 Things I Miss About London

1. People speaking on the phone everywhere (almost literally), especially in the bus

2. People saying "excuse me", "Please", "Thanks", "Hi There"

3. People - especially men - opening and holding the door for you

4. The cold breeze

5. Walking in the rain, and suddenly your umbrella turns upside down

6. The cloudy sky (never thought I'd say this)

7. Studying in the library til midnight without anyone to bother you

8. The smell of coffee - first thing in the morning on your way to uni

9. The tourist

10. People speaking in a language you don't know (or know but don't speak)

11. The public transportation, going out at night or even early in the morning - and feeling safe

12. Variety of food - from various places around the world

13. Seeing bits of your homeland - like a becak in a market for example

For the Future!

I know, I haven't written much since I'm in Jogja. Nine months already. I'm writing this post to give another song recommendation, Korean again (what's wrong with that?). Click the caption for translation. This is a song for everyone who needs a mood booster, like I do.


at last, Jogja!

haven't updated anything this past month... oh well, I just realized I've been in my hometown for a month now! Jogja is as hot as always. It's getting more crowded.

I have a lot of free time in my hand -- too much, honestly, because I'm starting to be blank most of the time. it's good in a way as I can see my friends - whom I haven't seen for some time - but in another way, my brain is 'degrading' already (is that even a word? does that make sense?)

on a brighter side, I have a chance to eat whatever I want to if the time and money permits! :)

PS: it snows in London, heavier than last year *sigh*